Average Salary in Ukraine

Average Salary in Ukraine?
Average Salary in Ukraine?

Average Salary in Ukraine?

Are you curious about the average salary in Ukraine? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we will explore the topic of wages in Ukraine and provide you with an in-depth understanding of what to expect.

When moving to a new country or planning a visit, one of the most important factors is the cost of living. This includes understanding the average salaries in the country. Ukraine is a country that has undergone significant economic changes over the past few decades. As a result, the average wage in Ukraine has also changed drastically.

Understanding the Ukrainian economy

To understand Ukrainian salaries comprehensively, it is crucial to examine the country’s economic climate. Ukraine has been grappling with economic instability for a considerable period now. Ever since the fall of the Soviet Union back in 1991, the nation has undergone significant transformations. More recently, in 2014, Ukraine witnessed a revolution that resulted in the removal of its former president and a transition towards a more Western-oriented economy.

Ukraine Average Monthly Wages - June 2023 Data - 1996-2022 Historical - July Forecast

The average salary in Ukraine

According to a report by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the average salary in Ukraine in 2021 is 13,246 hryvnias per month. This is equivalent to approximately USD 485 per month. It’s worth noting that this figure is significantly lower than the average salary in many other European countries.

Ukraine’s average salary is relatively low compared to Western European standards. Here are some critical facts about salaries in Ukraine:

• The official average salary in Ukraine as of 2021 was around $350-400 per month. However, this figure is skewed by high wages in major cities. In rural areas, wages tend to be lower.

• Salaries vary significantly by region, industry, and job role. Salaries are highest in Kyiv and other major cities while lower in more rural areas. Fast-growing industries like IT tend to offer higher wages.

• Compared to purchasing power, actual salaries in Ukraine are very low. The cost of living, especially for basics like food and utilities, is relatively high compared to wages.

• The Ukrainian hryvnia currency has depreciated significantly against the dollar recently, further eroding actual salaries when calculated in dollars.

• The large informal “gray” economy in Ukraine means official salary statistics do not capture the whole picture. Many Ukrainians supplement their official income with casual work to make ends meet.

• Salaries have been increasing in recent years, especially for in-demand jobs. But Ukraine remains one of the poorest countries in Europe regarding average salaries.

What is the average household salary in Ukraine?

There is no single average household salary in Ukraine. Salaries vary widely based on location, industry, and position. Here are some statistics on household incomes in Ukraine:

• According to official government statistics, the average monthly salary in Ukraine was around 15,000 UAH (around $500) in 2020. However, this figure includes all wages, including low-paying government jobs.

• The average salary for private sector jobs is higher, around 22,000 UAH ($750) per month, according to official data.

• Salaries tend to be higher in large cities like Kyiv and Lviv. The average salary in Kyiv is around 30,000 UAH ($1,000) per month.

• Household incomes also vary significantly. Official data shows that around 20% of households earn less than the minimum wage, while about 10% earn more than 50,000 UAH ($1,700) monthly.

• Wages have grown in recent years but are still relatively low compared to EU countries. Ukraine also has a large informal “shadow” economy where salaries are typically lower.

While official averages show monthly household incomes between $500 and $1,000, the figures vary widely based on location, industry, and job.

Is it expensive to live in Ukraine?

Living costs in Ukraine are generally lower than in Western Europe and North America but higher than in other Eastern European countries. Here are some critical points regarding the costs of living in Ukraine:

Rent: Rent is relatively affordable in Ukraine, especially in smaller cities. In Kyiv, rent for a one-bedroom apartment starts at around $200-$300 monthly.

Food: Food costs are also reasonable, though groceries are more expensive than in Russia or Eastern Europe. A substantial meal at a restaurant costs around $5-$10.

Transportation: Public transportation is very affordable in Ukraine, with bus and metro tickets costing around $0.50. Taxis and ride-hailing services are also cheaper than in Western Europe.

Utilities: Utilities like heating, electricity, and water tend to be lower in cost than Europe but have seen price hikes in recent years.

Services: Services like haircuts, salon appointments, and gym memberships are cheaper than in Western Europe but more expensive than in neighboring Eastern European countries.

Consumer goods: Electronics, appliances, and branded clothing are more expensive due to higher import duties and taxes.

• Living in Ukraine is affordable for Westerners accustomed to Western European living costs, though Ukrainians tend to have lower wages and incomes than the EU. In recent years, inflation and currency instability have caused prices to rise for locals.

While Ukraine cannot be considered a “cheap” country, living costs are generally reasonable compared to more developed European economies. As with anywhere, your prices vary depending on your lifestyle and expenditures.

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Factors that affect salaries

When it comes to determining salaries in Ukraine, there are several factors to take into consideration. Firstly, education plays a crucial role in determining one’s income. Generally speaking, individuals with higher levels of education tend to earn more than those without. This is because a higher level of education often translates to possessing more specialized skills and knowledge, which employers highly value.

Salaries tend to be higher in larger cities such as Kyiv and Lviv. This is due to a variety of reasons, including the fact that larger cities tend to have more job opportunities and a higher demand for skilled workers. Additionally, the cost of living in these cities is often higher, which can also contribute to higher salaries.

The industry you work in can also significantly impact your salary. Some industries, such as finance and technology, tend to pay considerably more than others. This is mainly because these industries require specialized skills and knowledge, which are in high demand and can command higher salaries.

By considering factors such as education, location, and industry, you can better understand the earning potential for your chosen career path.


What is the minimum wage in Ukraine?

The minimum wage in Ukraine is currently 6,000 hryvnias per month.

What is the average salary in Kyiv?

The average salary in Kyiv is around 17,000 hryvnias per month.

How much do IT professionals earn in Ukraine?

IT professionals in Ukraine can earn upwards of 40,000 hryvnias per month.

What is the cost of living in Ukraine?

The cost of living in Ukraine is relatively low compared to many other European countries.

What is the highest-paying industry in Ukraine?

The IT industry is currently the highest-paying industry in Ukraine.


In summary, it can be said that the average salary in Ukraine is relatively lower compared to other European nations. However, ample opportunities exist to earn a decent wage, especially in the IT industry. The compensation an individual can expect is influenced by educational qualifications, geographical location, and the industry they work in. Therefore, it is crucial to consider these factors while evaluating salary expectations in Ukraine.


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