Grubhub Acceptance Rate Deactivation

Grubhub acceptance rate deactivation?

Grubhub Acceptance Rate Deactivation

If you are a Grubhub driver, you may have heard of the term “acceptance rate.” This rate refers to the percentage of delivery opportunities you accept from Grubhub. For example, if you receive ten delivery opportunities and get 8, your acceptance rate would be 80%. However, there may be times when you want to deactivate your acceptance rate on Grubhub. In this article, we’ll explore the Grubhub acceptance rate, why you may want to deactivate it, and how to do so.

What is the Grubhub Acceptance Rate?

The Grubhub acceptance rate refers to the percentage of delivery opportunities a driver accepts from the platform. As a driver, you have the option to accept or decline delivery opportunities that are sent to you. Your acceptance rate is calculated based on the number of opportunities you get versus the total number of options you receive.

Your acceptance rate is crucial because it affects your ability to receive future delivery opportunities. If your acceptance rate is low, you may be penalized by Grubhub and receive fewer delivery opportunities in the future.

Why Deactivate Grubhub Acceptance Rate?

You may want to deactivate your Grubhub acceptance rate for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that a low acceptance rate can negatively impact your earnings. If you decline too many delivery opportunities, you may not receive as many offers in the future, which can lead to a decrease in your income.

Another reason you may want to deactivate your acceptance rate is that it can be stressful to maintain a high speed. If you are constantly worried about accepting every delivery opportunity that comes your way, it can be a source of anxiety and stress.

How to Deactivate Grubhub Acceptance Rate

If you decide that you want to deactivate your Grubhub acceptance rate, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Grubhub driver account
  2. Click on the “Account” tab
  3. Under “Settings,” select “Delivery Preferences.”
  4. Turn off the toggle switch for “Acceptance Rate Tracking”

It’s important to note that deactivating your acceptance rate may have consequences. For example, you may receive fewer delivery opportunities in the future. Additionally, you may not be eligible for specific bonuses or incentives tied to your acceptance rate.

Before deactivating your acceptance rate, it’s essential to consider the potential consequences and weigh them against the benefits.

Grubhub has no official policy of deactivating drivers for low acceptance rates.

Here are the main points regarding Grubhub’s acceptance rate:

• Grubhub does not publicly disclose a minimum acceptance rate requirement. They have not officially stated a percentage of orders drivers must accept to remain active on the platform.

• Some drivers have received emails from Grubhub mentioning a “low acceptance rate.” However, there does not seem to be a clear or consistent cutoff for what Grubhub considers too low.

• While a meager acceptance rate could potentially raise flags with Grubhub and result in deactivation, there are no guarantees. Many drivers with relatively low acceptance rates remain active on Grubhub.

• The main factors that Grubhub likely considers for deactivation are issues like late deliveries, poor customer service, and low ratings – not just acceptance rate alone.

• Drivers can accept or decline any order as they see fit. Unlike some other platforms, there is no penalty built into the Grubhub system for declining orders.

• However, maintaining a reasonably high acceptance rate is recommended to maximize earnings potential and receive more offer requests from Grubhub.

Does the acceptance rate matter with Grubhub?

Acceptance rate does matter somewhat with Grubhub, though not as much as with some other delivery platforms. Here are some key things to know:

• Grubhub does track your acceptance rate, which is the percentage of offers you accept. However, they do not have a strict minimum acceptance rate that you must maintain to remain active on the platform.

• A low acceptance rate can affect how many offers you receive. Drivers with high acceptance rates tend to get more offer volume from Grubhub. But there is flexibility, and missing some suggestions won’t get you deactivated.

• Your acceptance rate is just one factor Grubhub considers. Other factors like your on-time record, customer ratings, and tenure also play a role in determining who gets priority for offers.

• Aiming for a 70-90% acceptance rate is ideal to maintain a decent offer volume from Grubhub while still having the flexibility to decline offers that don’t work for you.

• You can decline offers for any reason without penalty or explanation required. However, consistently reducing specific requests (like low-paying orders) could impact how many requests you receive over time.

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What is the minimum acceptance rate for Grubhub drivers?

Grubhub does not have a specific minimum acceptance rate requirement for drivers. However, maintaining a high acceptance rate is essential for receiving future delivery opportunities.

Can I reactivate my acceptance rate after deactivating it?

You can reactivate your acceptance rate by following the same steps to turn it back on.

Will deactivating my acceptance rate affect my ability to receive orders?

Deactivating your acceptance rate may result in fewer delivery opportunities being sent to you in the future.

Are there any penalties for having a low acceptance rate?

If your acceptance rate is consistently low, you may receive fewer delivery opportunities in the future.

Can I still receive bonuses and incentives if I deactivate my acceptance rate?

Some bonuses and incentives may be tied to your acceptance rate, so deactivating it may make you ineligible for certain rewards.


In conclusion, the Grubhub acceptance rate can be an essential factor in your earnings as a driver. However, there may be times when you want to deactivate this feature for personal or professional reasons. If you decide to do so, weigh the consequences carefully and consider your options.


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