How Can Eren Turn Into A Titan?

How Can Eren Turn Into A Titan?

How Can Eren Turn Into A Titan?

Eren, the protagonist of the manga and anime show “Attack on Titan,” can transform into the form of a titan. The mechanics behind this power are explained within the storyline of the show. Fundamentally, Eren possesses a unique power, referred to as “founding titan,” which is the foundation of all titan abilities. By activating this power, Eren can command other titans and transform himself into an eminent titan. A few conditions must be met to allow Eren to be transformed.

Eren must have a specific objective and be injured to draw blood. After this, he will initiate the transformation by focusing on his goal and saying, “Titans, advance!” The process of transformation is painful and requires a blast of energy that comes from Eren’s body, wrapping him in a cocoon-like form that then breaks to reveal his titanic form. In titan form, Eren is a formidable force with regeneration abilities. However, he is also at risk of being unable to control himself and becoming a mental killing machine.

Then everything changes as Eren and his squad are dragged into the gruesome attack on the compromised Wall Maria, during which the Titan kills Eren himself. But, for his own good, Eren can transform into the form of a Titan, and the agony and anxiety of the day help him transform into a Titan and defeat the Titans.

Can Eren Turn Into A Titan At Will?

Eren is fortunate in that he has the ability to become a Titan, and the suffering and anguish of the day allowed him to transform and vanquish the Titans. However, the extent of his abilities was still being discovered. Reiner was shown a wound on Eren’s hand as a warning that if they tried anything, he might shift at any time.

Eren can transform into an elven titan at will. However, there are some restrictions and conditions attached to this power.

Clear Goal And Drawing Blood

The primary requirement to allow Eren to become an ape is that he should have a specific goal to achieve. Eren’s motive for transformation varies across the entire series; however, typically, the reason he transforms is to protect his family and family members or to accomplish a particular goal connected to the ongoing war between the Titans.

The second is that Eren must injure himself to draw blood. It is usually caused by biting his arm or hand and causing Eren to bleed. In the process, blood loss is required for the transformation process to begin.

Commanding Titans And Losing Control

After Eren has fulfilled these conditions, he is ready to begin his transformation by keeping his eyes on his goal while chanting, “Titans, advance!” This is believed to be a mental signal that triggers Eren to activate the Founding Titan’s power and allows Eren to change.

In addition to giving Eren enormous strength and regenerative capabilities, the founding titan also grants Eren the power to command other titans. This is apparent in the way in which Eren uses the power of his position to affect the actions of other titans, which causes them to attack certain locations or defend specific areas.

However, the use of this power is not without risk. For example, suppose Eren becomes agitated while in his titan form; Eren is at risk of becoming an uncontrollable killer machine and threatening his friends. This repeatedly happens throughout the story, and Eren cannot control his emotions and retain his humanity when in his titan form.

Limitations And Drawbacks

Eren’s ability to transform into the Titan is also limited. First, he can only retain his titan form for a certain amount of time. His exhaustion gets worse the more he uses his power to the max. This makes it challenging for him to endure long durations in his titan form. He frequently has to withdraw and relax when he’s used his power.

The second reason is that Eren’s capability to become a titan was correlated to his physical health. If injured or weak, he might struggle to change and have trouble maintaining his titanic form. This can be seen in the show when Eren gets injured in battle and struggles to transform or disappear from his Titan form abruptly.

The transformation process is initiated with a clearly defined purpose and draws blood, and he can be a titan commander while in his titanic form. But he is at risk of losing control and turning into a mindless killing machine. In addition, his ability is restricted by his physical health and the energy he can expend.

In Which Episode Does Eren Become A Titan?

Eren is transformed into Titan at the beginning of the anime show “Attack on Titan.” Eren Jaeger completes his ultimate metamorphosis into the Founding Titan in Attack on Titan episode 80. What we do know about his terrifying new form is listed below.

Here’s a full description of the transformation, with distinct headings for each of the points:


The story is set in a world where the human race lives in cities with walls that defend them from Titans, giant humanoid beasts that eat humans without apparent reason. The story centers around Eren Yeager, an innocent boy who hopes to escape the wall and explore the world beyond. World.

Attack On Wall Maria

The episode starts with Eren, the adopted daughter of Mikasa Ackerman, and her friend Armin Arlert watching the devastation of their town as a gigantic titan comes to life and breaks through Wall Maria, allowing Titans to gain access to the city. In the following chaos, Eren witnesses his mother being devoured by the Titan, creating a terrifying incident that ultimately causes his transformation.

Triggering The Transformation

Following an attack against Wall Maria, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are recruited into the military to fight the Titans. However, in their military training, Eren’s anger and frustration towards the Titans and those who failed to defend his home are boiling over. A few times, Eren lashed out at Mikasa and caused her to bleed after accidentally cutting herself on broken glass.

When Eren can see Mikasa’s blood, he is overwhelmed by the desire to take revenge and change. Eren bites his hands and draws blood. He starts to think about his ultimate goal of killing all Titans. He shouts, “Titans, advance!” Then he transforms into a miniature titan.


Eren’s transformation shocks everyone, even himself, and he struggles to manage his new appearance. He fights Mikasa and can combat him with the help of the other soldiers. But when the Titans start to break through the wall, the military can utilize Eren’s power to gain an advantage.

The team assigns Eren to a group headed by Captain Levi Ackerman, Mikasa’s adoptive brother. They are determined to recapture their city from the Titans. Eren gradually takes control of his new appearance and is an asset to the battle to defeat the Titans.

What Type Of Titan Is Eren?

Eren Yeager, the main character of the anime/manga show “Attack on Titan,” can transform into various kinds of titans in the entire series. This is a thorough description of the various types of Titans Eren can transform into, as well as distinct headings for each type of Titan:

Regular Titan

The first kind of Titan Eren changes into is the normal Titan. This is the appearance Eren takes in the show’s initial episode when his transformation is to his first appearance. Eren is a normal Titan with greater speed, agility, and regenerative capabilities. In addition, Eren can recuperate from injuries rapidly and withstand injuries that could be fatal to the average human.

But Eren’s control over his normal titanic form is limited, and he frequently loses his temper and turns into a killer when in the form. Eren can also not speak and can communicate with roars and growls.

Rogue Titan

The second kind of Titan, Eren, turns into the rogue titan.” This is a distinct type of Titan that Eren gets after undergoing exclusive training under Captain Levi and his crew. The rogue Titan sports an edgy appearance, elongated ears, a stronger body, and sharper teeth than the regular Titan.

In this version, Eren gains greater control over his capabilities as a titan and can use the power of his abilities more effectively during combat. Eren can also communicate with and talk to other human beings, which allows him to better coordinate his attacks and strategies.

Attack Titan

The third kind of Titan Eren changes into is called the Attack Titan.” This particular kind of Titan comes with distinct abilities and features. For example, the Attack Titan can resist the influence of the Founding Titan, the originator of all titan power, because he is a genuine fighter with a sense of purpose.

Eren gets the power of Attack Titan after inheriting it from his father, a titan shifter. In this appearance, Eren gains enhanced strength and regenerative powers,as well as the ability to look into the memories of the previous Attack Titans. Eren also gains the capability to alter the fabric of space and time, which allows him to transmit memories and other information to his former self and alter the sequence of events.

Founding Titan

The fourth and most powerful form of Titan Eren turns into is known as the “Founding Titan.” The first Titan is the basis for the other Titan power sources. The Founding Titan can influence other Titans and alter their memory and behavior.

Eren is granted the ability to assume his role as the Founding Titan after coming into contact with a titan shifter of royal blood known as Historia Reiss. He can use the fullest extent of his power to be a Titan, such as the ability to control other Titans and alter memories on an enormous scale.

Eren Yeager can change into various types of titans in the entire series, each possessing distinctive abilities and features. This includes the regular Titan, the rogue Titan Attack Titan, and the Founding Titan. Each of these forms gives Eren various degrees of autonomy over his capabilities as a titan. It also lets him take on a different role in the ongoing battle between the Titans.

How Did Eren Transform Into The Titan Without Harming Himself?

Eren Yeager, the protagonist of the manga and anime series “Attack on Titan,” usually changes into Titan after bleeding himself. There are, however, some instances in the series in which Eren can change his appearance without hurting himself. Here’s a full description of the process by which Eren transformed into a titan without harming himself, including separate headings for each part:

Coordinate Ability

The first time Eren alters his appearance without causing any injury is within the first season of anime, in the Battle of Shiganshina arc. In this episode, Eren realizes he has a unique ability called “coordinate,” which allows him to control titans and alter their behavior.

Two threatening titan shifters appear in a fight with Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover. Unfortunately, Eren cannot change into a titan by using his usual technique of hurting himself. But he’s in a position to activate the ability to coordinate, which causes other titans nearby to take on Reiner or Bertolt.

Zeke’s Royal Blood

The second time Eren transforms without harming himself is during the 3rd season of anime in the Return to Shiganshina arc. In this episode, Eren gains access to the fullest extent of his abilities as a titan following his coming into the presence of Zeke Yeager, his half-brother and a titan shifter with royal blood.

Zeke’s royal blood enables Eren to use the ability to coordinate without hurting himself or taking blood. However, Eren can transform into Titans at will by focusing on his goals and using the royal blood of the other Titans he has subdued.

Development Of Control

The final example of Eren transforming without harming himself is in this final episode of the show. In this stage of the show, Eren has developed a more powerful control over his powers as a giant, including being able to alter his appearance without harming himself.

This is evident in numerous scenes in which Eren can transform in any direction without self-injuring. It is speculated that Eren’s greater control over his abilities results from his many years working as a titan-shifter and his character’s development throughout the entire series.

Eren Yeager is generally only capable of changing into a titan by hurting himself and spitting blood. There are, however, certain instances in the show where the character can transform without harming himself. This is due to the advancement of the coordinate ability, having access to the blood of Zeke’s royal lineage, and having a greater degree of control over his abilities as the titan shifter.


How did Eren become Titan?

Eren gives his life during his first mission in Trost to stop his comrade Armin Arlert from being sucked up by a bearded Titan. Eren succeeds in becoming a Titan himself, demonstrating that he has the strength to defend humanity.

How did Eren turn into a Titan without hurting himself?

In conclusion, it appears that when a titan shifter uses or prepares to employ a titan power while in human form, the eye lines and electricity are produced. Eren didn’t need to injure himself because using the powers when in human form doesn’t seem to require summoning a titan body at all.

Why did Eren can’t transform into Titan?

While their limbs are recovering, titan shifters are unable to morph. The smiling titan’s hand was still healing when he first showed up. The worst error he made was to keep biting it after his hand had almost fully healed. He increased the hand’s damage, which slowed its recovery.

Why does Eren bite his hand to transform?

Hange designs an experiment to determine the viability of the new strategy. When given a signal, Eren, who is placed in the bottom of a dry well, will attempt to cause a transformation. He bites his hands repeatedly in the hopes that the discomfort will make him change.

Is Eren’s Titan special?

Eren’s Assault Throughout the story of Attack on Titan, Titan has assisted him in doing some amazing feats. What distinguishes it is as follows. Special Titans like the Reiner’s Armoured Titan are present in Attack on Titan. This Titan is without a doubt strong, with armor-like tough plates covering its torso.

What are Eren’s powers?

Structural Hardening/Creation: Using the War Hammer Titan’s abilities, Eren may harden or build a variety of solid objects out of his Titan flesh, which he can then utilise to set traps, surprise enemies, or forge weapons.


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