How Can Kratos Kill Gods?

How Can Kratos Kill Gods?

How Can Kratos Kill Gods?

Utilizing Athena and The Blade of the Gods, Kratos defeated Ares in an intense, long, and arduous battle with a series of brutal assaults and then impaled Ares by slashing him with his blade. Inflicting a stab through the chest using an instrument forged by gods, Ares finally perishes. The brand new God is the God of War; Kratos is considered God with extraordinary powers.

Titans and gods could not be killed by the might of mortals since they lived forever. For example, other gods and titans, demigods (if strong enough), or tools endowed with divine power like the Blade of Olympus, the Gauntlet of Zeus, the Blade of the Gods, and most significantly, the power of Hope.

Could Kratos kill all gods?

Kratos, the main antagonist of Kratos, the main character of the God of War series, is well-known for his formidable power and ability to destroy the gods, mythical animals, and even demons. 

The Blades Of Chaos

One of Kratos’s most famous weapons known to the world, the Blades of Chaos, are two chained blades permanently affixed to his arm. They were gifted to Kratos by Ares, the God of War, when Kratos vowed loyalty to Ares. They are infused with fire, which allows Kratos to unleash devastating strikes and destroy his adversaries. They also permit Kratos to leap through gaps, reach higher ledges, and interact with their surroundings in various ways.

Kratos was once one of the gods’ champions, and he was blessed with many benefits from them, among them his power as Athena. This power allows Kratos to utilize Athena’s wisdom, wit, and strategic skills during combat. In addition, Kratos can use this ability to slow time, which allows him to dodge attacks effortlessly and gain a competitive advantage over his adversaries.

The Power Of Zeus And Titans

Zeus, the God of Thunder, possesses immense power. Kratos acquires the power of Zeus after defeating him in God of War III. This ability allows Kratos to unleash massive electrical strikes that shock and amaze his adversaries.

Kratos also receives the power of the Titans after slaying them during his God of War series. This ability grants him extraordinary power and strength, allowing him to take on even the strongest foes. This power can be used to throw and lift heavy objects, smash through walls, and unleash devastating melee strikes.

In the God of War series, Kratos is battling various mythological creatures and gods, each with distinct capabilities and powers.

Zeus, God Of Thunder, And Poseidon, God Of The Sea

As God’s kingdom and the God of Thunder, Zeus is one of the most powerful gods of the God of War universe. Zeus has the power of lightning. He can unleash devastating strikes and electrocute his adversaries. He’s also incredibly powerful, swift, and a formidable endurance and stamina fighter.

Poseidon is known as the god of the sea. This is because he has immense power over sea and water creatures. He can summon tidal waves and whirlpools and control sea creatures like the Kraken. He’s also a skilled fighter, using a trident to allow his control over water to launch devastating melee attacks.

Hades, God Of The Underworld, And Apollo, God Of The Sun And Light

As Hades is the god of Hades, the god of the underworld, Hades possesses immense control over the dead and the afterlife. He can influence souls, summon them, and create minions like dead warriors and Cerberus. He also has a powerful weapon called the Claws of Hades, which can be used to launch deadly assaults.

Apollo is the God of the Sun and Light. He has the power of the sun as well as its radiation. He can use this power to unleash devastating attacks and heal himself and his comrades. He also has a great deal of experience in archery and can call a horse that is pulled by horses that are flaming.

Ares, God Of War, And Athena, Goddess Of Wisdom

Ares is known as the God of War and has incredible power over violence and war. The God of war is a proficient combatant using a massive shield and sword and can summon minions such as The Legionnaires or the Sirens. Additionally, he can equip his minions and weapons with fire, which allows him to unleash powerful attacks.

Athena is known as the goddess of wisdom. She is a goddess of wisdom and has many powers related to strategy and understanding. She can imbue her friends with wisdom, which increases their agility and intelligence. She also excels in combat, using a shield and spear, and has tremendous ability and speed.

Hermes, God Of Speed And Travel, And Helios, God Of The Sun

Hermes is known as the God of Speed and Travel and has amazing agility and speed. He can move at lightning speed and is difficult to hit. He is also able to teleport short distances. He’s also adept at combat, armed with the sword and having excellent reactions.

Helios is known as the God of the Sun and has power over light and the sun’s rays. He can use this power to blind his adversaries, which makes them vulnerable to attack. In addition, he can summon minion gods like Charon and the Sentries. Charon or the Sentries. He also has a great deal of experience in combat, using a formidable staff.

Hercules, Son Of Zeus

Hercules, the son of Zeus, is a god renowned for his incredible endurance and strength. He is a master at physical combat, able to hurl and lift huge objects, smash through walls, and unleash powerful melee strikes. With his proficiency in various weapons, he’s an incredibly formidable opponent. 

He is the God of the Seas and can command strength and power in the waters. His remarkable stamina enables him to withstand the most difficult of battles, making him unstoppable. Hercules is a cult figure of unbeatable strength and bravery, revered and respected by those who know his story.

Kratos’ Strategy Against The Gods

Kratos, known as the God of War, is a legendary character known for his fierceness and shrewdness in battle. In his many adventures in the past, he has faced his foes, gods, and titans alike, employing his intellect and incredible power. 

The most important aspect of Kratos’s strategy is identifying the weaknesses of the gods he’s fighting. It doesn’t matter if it’s exploiting their pride by employing their own weapons against them and manipulating the emotions of their enemies; Kratos always has ways to gain an advantage. For instance, in God of War III, Kratos utilizes Kratos’ Chains of Olympus to drain the gods’ power, making them less able to withstand his assaults.

Use Of Environment And Terrain

Another crucial aspect of Kratos’s strategy is utilizing the environment and terrain for his benefit. Kratos knows that gods are strong but are not impervious to attack. Utilizing the terrain to his advantage, Kratos could limit their mobility and make it harder to take them. For instance, in God of War II, Kratos beats his opponent, the Colossus of Rhodes, by dismembering its legs, which causes it to fall, creating a chance for him to strike.

Kratos’ style of combat is focused on fast and effective attacks. Kratos employs a mix of melee and attack range to keep his enemies on their toes and capitalize on their weaknesses. Kratos can unleash powerful combinations that greatly damage his foes by utilizing the Blades of Chaos. Kratos can also use anger attacks that cause even more damage and finish off the weaker opponents.

Use Of Magic And Abilities

Kratos can access various magical abilities which he can utilize in his favor. In addition to the powers of gods to the strength of the Titans, Kratos has a wide range of powers that can be used to change the direction of the battle. For instance, In God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Kratos gains the ability to summon an ethereal army to fight on his behalf. This lets him take on his foes and opens up opportunities for Kratos to strike.

Kratos’ Moral Compass

As the character’s development has progressed as the story progresses, it has become apparent as the character develops throughout the series that Kratos does possess an ethical compass, but one that is often obscured by his previous actions and the quest for retribution. 

Kratos’ Sense Of Duty:

Kratos has a deep conviction of his duty, specifically protecting the people he loves. Kratos is extremely protective of his family, which makes him want to take revenge against the gods who have been unfair to him. In God of War III, Kratos is willing to risk his life to save his daughter, and he joins forces with enemies to achieve the objective.

Kratos’s “relationship” with Gods:

Kratos has a difficult relationship with the gods. On the other hand, he is adamant about how they have treated his family and him.

However, Kratos has a profound admiration for their authority and understands the necessity of their existence to ensure peace in the world. This is usually at the core of Kratos’s struggle with morals, as he struggles with his lust for revenge and his duty to maintain the power balance.

One of the most controversy-ridden aspects of Kratos’s personality is how he deals with innocents. In the entire series, Kratos is seen killing soldiers, civilians, and other gods. However, it is crucial to remember that Kratos only kills when necessary to accomplish his objectives. Kratos isn’t an unthinking killer and does not enjoy killing innocent people. This is clear from God of War II when God of War II chooses to save the life of one Spartan soldier obeying his superiors’ orders.

Kratos’ Redemption

Kratos’ journey through the story involves redemption. Kratos begins as a vengeful villain; however, as the story progresses, Kratos discovers how to let go of his anger and discover a purpose that transcends the desire for revenge. 

God of War (2018), Kratos is a much more complex character, struggling with his past and relationships with his son. This development is a testimony to Kratos’s moral compass as he teaches himself to prioritize other people’s needs before his own.

How was Kratos able to kill Baldur?

In the game “God of War” (2018), Kratos took down Baldur with the help of his extraordinary ability to fight and strength, in addition to the assistance of the son of his Atreus.

Baldur had the status of a god who was immune to physical injury due to an enchantment that made him immune to any physical injury, even pain. But, Kratos and Atreus discovered that Baldur was susceptible to mistletoe. It was the only thing the curse could not shield him from.

Based on this information, Kratos and Atreus could create an arrow of mistletoe which was employed to weaken Baldur in their battle. Kratos was in a position to defeat Baldur and take him down in battle.

It is important to note that the Baldur story’s death is an ancestor of Norse mythology, and various versions of the tale differ in the details of how Baldur was killed.

How can Kratos kill Magni?

Within the God of War game, Kratos takes on Magni in a battle for supremacy with his combat skills and weapons, abilities, and skills. Here are a few methods Kratos can take on Magni:

  • Make use of the Leviathan Axe: Kratos can make use of his favorite weapon, that is, his Leviathan Axe, to deal massive damage to Magni. Kratos can throw the axe to stun him and then use his fists or Blades of Chaos to deal further damage.
  • Parry and dodge: Kratos can deflect Magni’s attacks and parry his punches to make an opportunity to launch his own attack.
  • Use Spartan Rage: When Kratos enters Spartan Rage mode, he gains more power and can cause massive damage to Magni. Kratos can also use Spartan Rage to break through Magni’s defenses and even stun him.
  • Make use of Atreus Arrows: Atreus, Kratos’ son, shoots the arrows of Magni to weaken him and open up the way for Kratos to strike.
  • Utilize weakness: Magni can be vulnerable because of weaknesses Kratos could take advantage of, like the vulnerability of his body to attacks from frost. Kratos can exploit the Leviathan Axe’s freezing attacks to slow Magni down and make Magni more vulnerable to attack.


Can Kratos kill all gods?

There are perhaps a dozen Olympians who managed to escape Kratos’ trail of destruction, proving that the gods were not all killed by him.

How many gods does Kratos kill?

He has murdered 19 full-blooded gods.

What God can Kratos not kill?

One of the few gods who Kratos did not slay, Aphrodite is also one of the few who respects him. She is also one of the rare gods who is brave.

How does Kratos kill Zeus?

As Kratos declared he would kill Zeus for his actions, he fought Zeus ferociously and was able to land a number of devastating strikes. Zeus, furious at the avenging warrior’s defiance, unleashed his complete power on him in the shape of a lethal electrical storm. Zeus is stabbed by Kratos using the Blade of Olympus.

Who can destroy Kratos?

By merely gazing at him, Anos Voldigoad can destroy Kratos.The strongest demon in recorded history goes by the name of Anos Voldigoad. His heartbeat alone had the power to severely hurt someone.

Why is Kratos so strong?

Kratos was the most potent and terrifying of all the Gods of War because he possessed the abilities of Pandora’s Box, those of the God of War that belonged to Ares, as well as many other gods’ weapons and magic. After the death of his brother, Athena also taught him how to use the divine abilities.


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