How Can You Be So Obtuse?

How Can You Be So Obtuse?

How Can You Be So Obtuse?

When someone isn’t paying attention, they’re not seeing what’s right in front of them. There’s something evident. Then Andy can ask the warden how he can be so blind and not see things directly in his face to the point where Andy believes it was intentional on the part of the warden.

How Can You Be Such An Obtuse Movie Line?How Can You Be Such An Obtuse Movie Line?

The film’s line “How can you be so Obtuse” is from the movie “The Shawshank Redemption.” Frank Darabont wrote and directed the film, which starred Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman. The dialogue is delivered through the character Andy Dufresne, played by Tim Robbins, during an encounter with the corrupt prison warden.

Meaning Of The Movie Line

The expression “How can you be so Obtuse” is a sign of disbelief and frustration. It is used to describe someone who cannot grasp the meaning of something, which is quite evident. In the context of the film, Andy expresses his displeasure with the corruption of the warden and his inability to comprehend the truth.

Significance Of The Movie Line

The film line “How can you be so Obtuse” is now an iconic part of pop culture. It is commonly employed in conversations to show disbelief and anger. It is also used in numerous TV shows and other media formats.

Using The Movie Line

If you plan to employ the famous movie phrase “How can you be so Obtuse” in your discussions, there are some points to be aware of. In the first place, you must apply it in the proper context. The intention is to express anger at people who cannot comprehend something obvious. Second, you should use it sparingly. The line’s use too often can cause it to be less effective.

What Was The Reason Andy Made The Warden Appear To Be Obtuse?What Was The Reason Andy Made The Warden Appear To Be Obtuse?

The word Andy Dufresne uses obtuse to describe Warden Norton, one of the characters from the Stephen King classic book The Shawshank Redemption. The quotation is directed at the warden but can also be read as an allegory of the whole prison system.

In the film, Andy Dufresne is convicted of murdering his spouse and lover and sentenced to life imprisonment. In jail, the inmate is introduced to Samuel L. Norton, warden of Shawshank State Penitentiary. He then meets with Byron Hadley, chief captain of the guards in prison, and Ellis Boyd Redding, a prisoner who is also serving a life sentence.

While in prison, Andy Dufresne becomes involved with the violent group of felons called “The Sisters.” The henchmen assault his body in various ways, like cutting off a woman’s nose, and Andy can take on them repeatedly.

But regardless of his best efforts, he’s arrested and put in the hole because he called the warden to be obtuse. The reason for this is that the warden is not convinced of the possibility that Andy Dufresne is innocent of killing his wife and lover. Therefore, he isn’t keen to assist Andy in locating the murderer of the people he loves; instead, he tries to shut him down.

The film points out that it’s important to believe in your dreams regardless of what life throws at you. This is why Andy Dufresne can escape from the tunnel she has been digging for over 20 years. He can also expose the crimes of the warden and his cronies.

Andy gets out of Shawshank’s tunnel and flees to Mexico with Red and Red, where they receive the money the warden took from him. This reward allows him to create a new start with his companion Red and become an accomplished accountant.

A side note: Andy says that the warden is dumb because he believes it’s insensitive to label another person “stupid” when they are more knowledgeable than he. He’s trying to communicate that he understands that the warden does not understand what he’s trying to convey, and he won’t stop getting to the bottom of it.

The Context of the Scene

The scene in which Andy says to the warden that he is “obtuse” is when Andy tries to convince his warden why he didn’t commit the crimes he was accused of. Unfortunately, the warden cannot hear from Andy and believes the accused is guilty. Andy is irritated by the warden’s refusal to listen and accuses him of being “obtuse.”

The Meaning of the Term “Obtuse”

The word “obtuse” means someone who is slow to comprehend or cannot grasp things quickly. For the film, Andy is using the word to explain the warden’s inability to discern the truth and his inability to the logic.

The Significance of Andy’s Use of the Term “Obtuse”

Andy’s use of “obtuse” is significant in many ways:

  1. It demonstrates Andy’s displeasure with the warden’s corrupt practices and inability to understand his logic.
  2. It demonstrates that Andy is a smart and educated person who can effectively use language to communicate his thoughts and emotions.
  3. It also illustrates that Andy isn’t shy to speak up against authorities and speak his mind even when it is a risk to his security.

What Is The Meaning Of Obtuse In Shawshank?What Is The Meaning Of Obtuse In Shawshank?

Obtuse is a term that could mean a range of things. For example, it can refer to something hard to comprehend or someone difficult to get along with.

If Andy Dufresne calls Warden Norton dumb In The Shawshank Redemption, what does he mean? He’s referring to the fact that Warden Norton does not seem to grasp Tommy Williams’ claims that he knows who killed Andy’s wife and lover.

Obtuse is a Latin word meaning sharp or dull. It could also refer to someone who is mentally boring or deficient.

The term “obtuse” is frequently used to refer to an individual who is extremely sensitive or who is unable to grasp concepts quickly. It can be a sign of bullying or rudeness and may make people uneasy with you.

If you’re feeling confused, It is important to determine why you are uninformed and whether you’re deliberately ignorant. If you’re deliberately obscure, it’s because you aren’t sure of the meaning behind what you’re saying or doing.

In the story of The Shawshank Redemption, the warden is the main antagonist and has a wicked scheme to earn money from payoff scams that are being conducted in prison. He makes use of Andy as a way to ensure his plans succeed.

It’s unknown what time the warden was running these scams, but he won’t cease anytime soon. He requires Andy to continue accounting to ensure the scams continue.

After discovering that the warden has been using Andy to play pawn, Andy is determined to discover who was the real culprit behind the murders. He accomplishes it by telling his warden Andy knows who was responsible for the murder.

That’s where the war of wills that takes place between Andy and the police warden kicks into. The warden doesn’t wish for Andy to assist in finding the killer. So he attacks Andy and accuses him of being ignorant.

This is the point where the story begins to change, and Andy finds himself hopeful. Andy realizes that he’s in a bind for a month and must decide regarding the fraud. He can either go along with the scams or devise a new way to escape Shawshank.

The word “obtuse” has several meanings; however, in the context of “The Shawshank Redemption,” it refers to being slow to comprehend or unable to grasp things quickly. Andy employs the word to refer to the warden’s inability to understand the truth and his refusal to accept the rationale.

The Importance of the Term “Obtuse” in the Movie

The word “obtuse” is important in the film for several reasons. First, it reveals the inequities of the warden, as well as his inability to accept the logic. He is ensconced in his beliefs that he cannot be open to the truth, even when it is explained by the warden concisely and clearly. It also demonstrates wisdom and knowledge of Andy. He can effectively communicate his thoughts and feelings and isn’t scared, to tell the truth regardless of hardship.

The Significance of the Scene

The scene in which Andy declares the policeman “obtuse” is significant because it demonstrates the power of words and the value of telling the truth. Andy can express his displeasure with the warden’s corrupt practices and his refusal to consider the evidence in a manner that is as powerful and efficient. However, the episode also illustrates that speaking truth to power is risky since the truth could put Andy at risk of being punished through an inefficient prison system.

What’s An Obtuse Individual Like?What's An Obtuse Individual Like?

Obtuse is a term that has multiple meanings. In the case of people, the word “obtuse” can be a sign that they are dull or suffer from an absence of intelligence. But, on the other hand, it could also mean they aren’t attentive or alert.

When the word “obtuse” is employed negatively, it can be annoying or difficult to comprehend. On the other hand, it could also mean they are inflexible or have difficulty adapting to the changing trends in our world.

A good instance of someone being unclear is someone who attempts to explain things confusingly. It can be a good option if they’re trying to explain something to you, but it can frustrate them if they do not understand what you’re trying to communicate.

Another sign that someone is insensitive is trying to appear rude to you. They may be doing this to get or draw your attention, but it could also be risky. Therefore, it is essential to recognize the signs to safeguard yourself from this kind of person.

If you are in this situation, you should take care not to be rude and leave the situation. You may need to speak to a family member or a trusted third party so they can assist you.

In this instance, you should seek help from a professional to respond to questions more effectively. It can be a daunting decision to make, so ensure you have a system of support in place to assist you in this.

The term “obtuse” is much more complex than it appears. It is a sign that someone is not sharp or alert in their thinking, perception, or intelligence. This means that they’re not much smarter than other people.

Lack of Understanding

One of an obsessive person’s primary features is their lack of comprehension. As a result, they might struggle to grasp complicated concepts or fail to discern the subtleties in an environment. This can result in misunderstandings and issues in communicating, as well as within their thinking processes.

Resistance to Change

A different characteristic that distinguishes an obsessive person is their inability to adapt to changes. They might be accustomed to their way and unwilling to take on different perspectives or new ideas. This could make it difficult for them to adjust to new circumstances or their lives.


Obscure people are also narrow-minded, which means they only think from one point of view. As a result, they may have difficulty empathizing with other people or view issues from an entirely different perspective. This can cause conflicts and misunderstandings within relationships.

Problemes with Problem-Solving

An obtuse person may be unable to solve problems. They may be unable to solve difficult issues or grasp the bigger picture. This makes it hard to make decisions or act in their professional or personal lives.

Difficulty in Communication

Obsessed people can also have problems communicating because they struggle to communicate clearly or comprehend the message of other people. This can result in misunderstandings, conflicts, and issues in maintaining relationships.


What does being “obtuse” in a discussion or circumstance mean?

To be “obtuse” is to be insensitive, unyielding, or challenging to comprehend. It can be used to describe someone who is unwilling to consider alternative viewpoints or who tries to be tough to deal with.

Is obtuseness necessarily a bad thing?

Depending on the situation, being obtuse may be either good or bad. Being obstinate or unyielding can be viewed positively in some circumstances but negatively in others, which can impede growth.

What should I do if someone calls me obtuse?

It’s crucial to attempt to comprehend someone else’s viewpoint and the reasons behind it if they accuse you of being obtuse. Clarifying questions should be asked, and you should be prepared to hear their viewpoint. It’s crucial to maintain composure and refrain from becoming hostile.

Does ignorance or lack of comprehension lead to being obtuse?

Obtuseness can, in fact, stem from ignorance or a lack of comprehension. People occasionally can lack the knowledge necessary to properly comprehend a situation or make an educated decision.

How can I refrain from appearing obtuse in a discussion or circumstance?

It’s crucial to actively listen to people and make an effort to comprehend their viewpoints in order to prevent coming off as obtuse. Be receptive to other perspectives and flexible as required. It’s crucial to speak properly and to express your confusion by asking questions.

Does obtuseness damage relationships or lead to disputes?

Conflicts and relationship problems might arise from being obtuse. Unwillingness to listen or comprehend another person’s point of view can lead to conflict and misunderstandings. Obtuseness can occasionally even result in the dissolution of relationships.


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