Ivey Business School Acceptance Rate

Ivey Business School Acceptance Rate

Ivey Business School Acceptance Rate

According to data from the past, the acceptance rate at Ivey Business School is approximately 8.5%. That means that out of 100 applicants, only 8–9 are admitted to the program. This low rate of acceptance can be explained by the high standards of the school and its strict admissions procedures.

Ivey Business School is known for its stellar reputation and high-quality education, which draws many well-qualified applicants every year. Students who are interested in the program must take this acceptance rate into account when submitting their application and ensure that they submit a well-written application that highlights their skills, accomplishments, potential, and success in the school.

What is the Ivey Business School?

Ivey Business School is one of the most prestigious schools of business in Canada and offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs in the field of business administration. The school is located in London, Ontario, and Ivey has earned a reputation for outstanding teaching and research. Its students are desired by employers in Canada and across the globe.

History of Ivey Business School

Ivey Business School was founded in 1922 and was originally part of the Department of Business Administration at Western University. Through the decades, it has grown to be one of the top business schools in Canada and has earned itself a prestigious reputation for quality in education and research. The school’s name is a tribute to Richard G. Ivey, an entrepreneur and philanthropist who was successful and who contributed thousands of dollars to fund the school’s initiatives and programs.

Accreditation and Rankings

Ivey Business School is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), which is considered to be the top accredited business school. Additionally, Ivey has received accreditation from EQUIS and AMBA, two other highly regarded accrediting bodies.

Based on ranking, Ivey Business School is consistently listed among the best universities in Canada and around the world. For instance, The Financial Times ranks Ivey’s MBA program as the best MBA degree in Canada and the second best globally for the growth of its alumni. Additionally, Ivey’s undergraduate program is consistently ranked as one of the top business schools in Canada by a variety of organizations, including Maclean’s and Bloomberg Businessweek.

Programs Offered at Ivey Business School

Undergraduate Programs

Ivey offers an all-year Honors Business Administration (HBA) program for students at the undergraduate level. The program is extremely competitive and prestigious, with a rate of acceptance of between 8 and 10 percent. This HBA course is intended to give students an understanding of the fundamentals of business and its practices and offers a range of courses in finance, accounting, marketing, management, and accounting.

Graduate Programs

Ivey provides a variety of graduate programs designed for students looking to pursue advanced studies in the field of business. This includes:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Executive MBA (EMBA)
  • MSc in Management
  • Ph.D. in Business Administration

The MBA program is Ivey’s most prestigious program, specifically designed for those who have completed their bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any subject. It is a highly competitive program, with an acceptance rate of about 10 percent.

Its EMBA course is designed for professionals with experience who want to grow their careers. Meanwhile, the MSc in Management degree is specifically designed for students who have graduated with an undergraduate degree in non-business fields.

Historical Acceptance Rates

In the past, the acceptance rate for this HBA program within Ivey Business School has varied depending on several variables, including the number of applicants and the quality of the applicant pool. The accepted rate in this HBA program has varied from 10% to 15 percent.

Trends in Acceptance Rates

In recent times, it has been noted that the rate of acceptance for the HBA program within the Ivey Business School has remained pretty steady, with a range of 10%.

It is important to be aware that the number of applicants has significantly increased in recent years, which has made admissions more competitive.

Factors Influencing Acceptance Rates

Many variables could affect the rate of acceptance of this HBA course within Ivey Business School. A few of these are:

  • The number of applicants: If the number of applicants grows and acceptance rates increase, acceptance rates could be reduced, since more applicants are competing for the few slots on the course.
  • Qualities of applicants: The quality of the applicants will also impact how much acceptance rates. If applicants are good, acceptance rates could decrease due to this since the admissions committee has a bigger number of applicants to select from.
  • Admissions policies: Modifications to admissions policies or admissions criteria could also impact how many students are accepted. For instance, if the school raises the GPA requirement or adds new criteria for applicants, this could result in an enlargement of acceptance rates.

Ivey Business School Acceptance Rate by Program

The acceptance rates for Ivey Business School vary depending on the specific program. Below is a breakdown of the acceptance rates for each program:

Undergraduate Programs

The Honors Business Administration (HBA) program offered by Ivey Business School is widely acknowledged as one of the best undergraduate business schools in Canada. It is very competitive due to the number of seats open for applicants. With an intense curriculum, knowledgeable faculty, and a focus on learning through experience.

The HBA program draws a significant number of applicants every year. With an acceptance rate of around 10%, getting accepted to the program is an impressive accomplishment and requires a solid application that highlights the quality of their academics as well as leadership skills and other relevant extracurricular activities.

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): The MBA program is Ivey’s most prestigious graduate program and is specifically designed for students who have earned their undergraduate studies in any area. Its acceptance rate is around 10%. MBA program is about 10 percent.
  • Executive MBA (EMBA): The EMBA program is designed for professionals with experience who want to grow their careers. Acceptance rates for the EMBA program are about 35%.
  • MSc in Management: The MSc in Management program was designed specifically for those who’ve completed an undergraduate non-business degree. Acceptance rates for this MSc in Management program are about 40 percent.

Doctoral Program

Ph.D. with a focus on Business Administration: The Ph.D. program is intended for students looking to pursue advanced research in the field of business administration. Its acceptance rate for the Ph.D. program is about 5 percent.

Differences Between Undergraduate and Graduate Acceptance Rates

From the breakdown above, acceptance rates differ significantly between graduate and undergraduate courses within Ivey Business School. This is probably because of several aspects, including the number of candidates, the quality of the applicant pool, and the admissions requirements of each course. It’s important to remember that acceptance rates could differ from year to year according to a range of variables.

How to Increase Your Chances of Acceptance?

One of the most crucial aspects of applying for an admission is the academic record. Admissions committees are looking for applicants who are academically outstanding as well as have intellectual curiosity.

To improve your chances of getting accepted you should focus on maintaining an excellent GPA and taking rigorous courses and scoring well on standardized tests like those the SAT and ACT.

Demonstrate leadership potential

In addition to academic excellence, Ivey Business School values the leadership capabilities of students. Admissions committees seek applicants with demonstrated leadership abilities and a desire to make an impact in their communities.

To show your leadership skills, take part in extracurricular activities such as student government, clubs, or even volunteer work. Consider the possibility of taking on leadership roles in these organizations to demonstrate your leadership skills and inspire others.

Gain relevant work experience

Experience in the workplace can improve your chances of getting accepted to Ivey Business School. Admissions committees look for applicants who have known about the business environment by way of working in part-time or full-time positions or any other experience.

This is a sign of your commitment to pursuing a career in the field of business and your capacity to apply the knowledge you have acquired to actual situations.

Submit a strong application and consider professional help.

The most crucial element in an admissions procedure is making an impressive application. This means submitting all the required items on time, which include letters of recommendation, essays, and a well-written resume.

Be sure that your application is completely error-free and well-written, with an easy and concise statement that demonstrates your unique abilities and experience.

If you’re having trouble with any aspects that pertain to admissions, think about seeking help from a professional. Admissions consultants can offer valuable advice and feedback on the application materials you submit, helping you identify your strengths and reduce any shortcomings.

Ivey Business School Ranking

Here are some of the most recent rankings for Ivey Business School:

  • Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2021: Ivey’s MBA program was ranked #94 worldwide and first in Canada in terms of career progression for its alumni.
  • Bloomberg Businessweek’s Best B-Schools 2021: Ivey’s undergraduate school was ranked third in Canada.
  • Maclean’s University Rankings 2021: Ivey’s undergraduate programs were the top programs in Canada for business-related programs.
  • QS World University Rankings 2022: Ivey was ranked 4th in Canada for management and business studies.
  • Eduniversal Business Schools Ranking 2021: Ivey was ranked number one within Canada and #18 worldwide for business schools that have significant international impact.

Graduate Requirements

To be considered for entry into one of Ivey’s MBA programs for graduate students, applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

  • achieving an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university.
  • an impressive GMAT (or GRE) score (for the MBA as well as the MSc in Management courses).
  • The application must be completed, which includes essays, letters of recommendation, and a resume.
  • Successful completion of an admissions test in-person interview, conducted or via videoconference.

Executive Education Requirements

Ivey Business School offers an array of executive education courses designed for working professionals. The prerequisites for entry into these programs differ based on the specific program but could include:

  • a minimum number of years’ experience in a related area.
  • submitting a complete application, including essays as well as a resume.
  • Successful completion of an admissions test


Is it easy to get into Ivey Business School?

10.0 complete courses (or the equivalent) at any university with a grade point average of 80% or higher are allowed (if taken at another university, the courses must transfer to Western). 70% is the required average to transfer to Western. Admission to Ivey HBA may require a substantially higher average.

What GPA do you need to get into Ivey Business School?

Your finest Grade 12 high school subjects, including English, have an average of 93%+. completion of a maths course for pupils planning to attend college. demonstrated leadership via participation in extracurricular activities, service to the community, and employment.

What average does Ivey Business School accept?

The admission rate for Western Ivey HBA AEO is 8.5-21%.
Receiving precise, trustworthy guidance from a mentor you can believe in could mean the difference between being accepted and being rejected.

What is Ivey MBA acceptance rate?

The Ivey Business School has an admittance rate of around 8%.

Is Western Ivey worth it?

The MBA programme at Ivey is very well-known, and for the past seven years, Bloomberg Businessweek has named it the best in Canada. Ivey’s MBA programme is ranked first in Canada for compensation, learning opportunities, and networking possibilities, as evidenced.

Can you get an Ivey MBA without GMAT?

For applicants who have successfully completed at least level 2 of the CFA designation, or who hold a CPA designation (CPA Canada), a P. Eng designation (P. Eng Canada), or who have a valid and competitive LSAT or MCAT score, the GMAT requirement is eliminated.


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