Sheridan Animation Acceptance Rate

Sheridan animation acceptance rate?
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Sheridan Animation Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for the Sheridan Animation program is 65%. This means that out of every 100 students who apply, 65 are accepted. The program is very competitive, so having a strong portfolio and academic record is important.

Here are the admission requirements for the Sheridan Animation program:

  • A minimum high school GPA of 75%
  • A portfolio of 10-15 original animation drawings or paintings
  • A personal statement
  • Two letters of reference
  • An English language proficiency test (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.)

The portfolio is the most essential part of the application. It should showcase your artistic skills and ability to tell stories through animation. Your statement should explain your interest in energy and what you hope to achieve in the program. The reference letters should come from teachers, employers, or other professionals who can attest to your skills and character.

I recommend starting early if you want to apply to the Sheridan Animation program. The application deadline is in January, and the program is top-rated, so it is essential to give yourself plenty of time to prepare your application.

What Affects Sheridan Animation’s Acceptance Rate?

Several factors affect Sheridan Animation’s acceptance rate. The main elements are competition, portfolio quality, and academic background.

Competition: As previously mentioned, Sheridan Animation is a highly competitive program. Many students worldwide apply to the program each year, making it challenging to get accepted.

Portfolio Quality: Your portfolio is one of the most critical aspects of your application to Sheridan Animation. Your portfolio should showcase your artistic abilities and demonstrate your potential as an animator.

Academic Background: While your portfolio is the most important aspect of your application, your academic background is also taken into consideration. A strong academic record can improve your chances of getting accepted into Sheridan Animation.

How Does Sheridan Animation Compare to Other Animation Schools?

Regarding animation schools, Sheridan Animation is often compared to other top animation schools such as CalArts and Gobelins. While each school has its strengths and weaknesses, Sheridan Animation is known for its strong emphasis on storytelling and character development.

One advantage of Sheridan Animation is that it offers undergraduate and graduate programs. This allows students to continue their education at the same institution if they choose to do so.

Tips for Getting Accepted into Sheridan Animation

Improving your chances of getting accepted into Sheridan Animation requires effort and dedication. Here are some tips to improve your chances:

  1. Improve portfolio quality: As previously mentioned, your portfolio is the most crucial aspect of your application. Seek feedback from professionals in the industry and work on improving your skills.
  2. Work on academic background: While your portfolio is the most crucial aspect of your application, a solid academic record can improve your chances of acceptance.
  3. Seek feedback from professionals: Seek input from professionals in the industry to improve your portfolio and showcase your potential as an animator.

Is Sheridan’s animation hard to get into?

Sheridan’s Animation program is reputed to be one of the best in Canada, but it is also very competitive to get into. Here are some things to consider:


  • Animation is a creative and artistic field, so in addition to academic requirements, most animation programs look for strong portfolios showcasing artistic ability and creativity. This can make admission standards high.
  • Once admitted, the coursework is rigorous and demanding. Animation programs are intensive and require a lot of hands-on work and projects in addition to classes.


  • Sheridan’s Animation program is top-rated and receives many applications each year. This means competition for the limited spots can be high.
  • Some applicants have previous relevant experience, like courses in art, design or film, which can give them an advantage in the admissions process. But this is not required – creativity and a passion for animation matter most.


  • Sheridan looks for academic solid grades, usually mid-80s or higher in required high school courses like English, math, art and photography.
  • As mentioned, a strong portfolio showcasing your original artwork, drawings, animation attempts, graphic design, etc., is vital in the admissions process.
  • Some previous experience with animation software can be an asset but is not necessary.


  • Start building your portfolio well before you apply. Develop your drawing and illustration skills. Practice animation on your own.
  • Find relevant extracurriculars and volunteer opportunities in creative fields to strengthen your application.
  • Ensure your academic grades are as high as possible, especially in relevant courses like art and design.

Alumni Success Stories

Sheridan Animation has a long list of successful alumni who have gone on to work in the animation industry. Some notable alumni include Chris Landreth, who won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, and Rebecca Sugar, who created the hit show “Steven Universe.”

Many successful alum credit Sheridan Animation for their success. They often mention the program’s emphasis on storytelling and character development as a key factor in their success.

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What is the average acceptance rate for animation schools?

The average acceptance rate for animation schools varies, generally around 30%.

Is getting accepted into Sheridan Animation’s undergraduate or graduate programs easier?

Both undergraduate and graduate programs are highly competitive. It is difficult to say which program is easier to get into.

Can international students apply to Sheridan Animation?

Yes, international students can apply to Sheridan Animation. However, they must meet the exact requirements as domestic students and must have a strong command of the English language.

How often can I apply to Sheridan Animation?

You can apply to Sheridan Animation once per year. If you are not accepted, you can reapply the following year.

What is the deadline for submitting applications to Sheridan Animation?

The deadline for submitting applications to Sheridan Animation varies each year. It is essential to check the website for the most up-to-date information regarding application deadlines.


In conclusion, Sheridan Animation is a highly competitive program with an acceptance rate of around 20%. Competition, portfolio quality, and academic background are all factors that affect acceptance rate. While Sheridan Animation is often compared to other top animation schools, its emphasis on storytelling and character development sets it apart. Improving portfolio quality, working on academic background, and seeking professional feedback are ways to improve your chances of getting accepted into Sheridan Animation.


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